FAQ - Netbolt Smart Padlock

  1.      Where are my fingerprints locate? Are they online?

All fingerprints are stored locally in the padlock, no one has the access except the users.

  1.      Are there any video instructions about how to set up the lock?

Yes, check it here in the product page. (Hyperlink)

  1.      Can I use the lock for outside places?

Yes, this lock is IP-65 waterproof, which means it is protected against water jets from any angle, and dust tight with no ingress of dust.

  1.      Is the lock good for all ages of people?

Unfortunately, fingerprints are tending to wear-out for old people, so the fingerprint reader may have trouble reading the fingerprints.

  1.      Is there any other way to open this lock?

No, this lock is totally enclosed without any screws on the bottom or back. Unless someone comes with metal cutter :D

  1.      What is this padlock made of?

It is made of aluminum alloy because it is much safer than other plastic fingerprint locks.

  1.      How reliable is the fingerprint unlocking reader?

The lab result for FAR (False Acceptance Rate) is 1/100,000. So, we say this lock is safe.

  1.      How long the battery will last if I use it for gym use like on everyday basis?

The fully charged lock will generally last 200 days for everyday usage basis.

  1.      Is the lock approved by TSA?

No, it is not. Our padlock does not have any keyhole on it..